About Us

„Otadžbina Pamti“ is an organization created spontaneously and unexpectedly. Over the last few years, during various events (races, camping, seminars) in the nature, a group of folks with seemingly few common traits realized that they share common values, interpretation of the past and belief in the future.

During our time together, typically outside right next to the camp fire, we discussed ideas, visions, wishes and ethical principles. Despite the fact that we are quite different from each other, we realized that we share traditional values and that we live in a very specific moment in time. Our conclusion is that the moment for action is now.

In similar way as our predecessors a century ago, we live in very interesting times. The world is changing quickly and dramatically, while we are trying to integrate ourselves in new developments. Challenges that our generation is facing are quite different from those that our predecessors faced a century ago. However, we believe that modern challenges are equally complex.

In addition, we have an honor to be the generation living exactly 100 years after the Great War. We have the opportunity to pay respect to our forefathers in a way which they deserve.

Through genesis of our organization every one of us realized that we are not alone. Through discussions of specific ideas and plans for specific actions, we realized that the number of folks who share the same values and vision is significantly bigger than we originally anticipated. We realized that healthy and original Serbian values are still alive and well in one portion of our population.

One of the common traits of the founding team is continuous action/activity in all domains that they operate. Our idea is that through a number of our activities we celebrate our history and through stories about our forefathers we teach new generations that the future of Serbia will be determined by ourselves. The idea is to create balanced and healthy discussion about our history and to create a positive example which will inspire young generations.