Vision of the future

Key motivation for our activities and our interest in the past is our core belief that the future of our country is in our hands.  The future is built on the foundation of the past and the present.  Current era is marked with change, however our firm belief is that successful future deeply depends on the foundation (or roots) created in our past.

We believe that we have knowledge, drive and energy that is needed to set an example and show new generations new alternative which is rooted in Serbian tradition and relevant in the 21st century context in which we live.

Our vision for the future of Serbia?

One century ago, majority of the population was engaged in agricultural activities (land, villages). Today the world is dramatically and irreversibly different.

We believe that the only asset that we have are our people.  For Serbia to play a role in the 21st century, the country has to become economically strong and an economic regional leader in a few segments of global industry. We see Serbia as a country with highly educated population in diverse domains of science and technology.  We believe in the future where science, education, creativity, learning and continues development are dominant traits of Serbian people.  Future version of Serbia is one of the hardest working countries in Europe.

The strength of a country is not only determined by its economy.  We believe in the future, where all folks on the plant who have Serbian roots, have their place in the motherland.  Quick retrospective of our history, reveals several waves of emigration to various parts of the world.  We believe that this is the key moment when significant number of our folks has the opportunity to return to Serbia and contribute with the knowledge they acquired abroad.

One of our traditional values, which perhaps has been somewhat forgotten, is constant optimism in diverse set of conditions (form the most difficult of circumstances to the brief periods of prosperity).  Our desire is for  future Serbia to become the country of optimism, positive energy, stability, birth and creativity.

We believe in the society open to debate where through discourse we create the picture for the future.  We believe in philosophy, history, art, culture as domains that uncover the meaning of our society.

In our vision of the country, the future belongs to the young and to the kids.  We see the future in which general population trends in Serbia (birth rates) have positive trend and where key wealth for majority of individuals is love for the young.  Love is at the center of future Serbia.  Love is not only toward our young, but it is directed toward every person within our country.

The genesis of all love is in our predecessors who have done everything so that today we can be in a position to dream about the future. Every one of is a descendent of those who have marched through Albanian mountains a century ago.  Every one of is a descendent of those who engaged in bloody trench warfare on the southern front.  The love that we feel toward our grandparents is driving force (perpetual motion) critical for the future of our country.

Every story about Serbia can end in only one way and that is the story of bravery and honor.  Our history is rich with generations of heroes who have consciously gone to the very end so that the idea of Serbian people survives to the next generation.  Every story starts with the battle of Kosovo, but equally important, we should discuss new generations of heroes who have given their lives for he idea of freedom and future generations.  It is important to mention that in 1999 our pilots have taken their aircraft against the biggest military force in the history of mankind. It is not difficult to imagine that every future generation would give its best to preserve the freedom of our people.  Our forefathers knew well that the freedom is never given as a gift, but it had to be defended if no other option was viable.  Those values exist today as they are almost engraved in our genetic code.

In our version of the future – there is no war.  Every generation in the last 100 years has paid dearly the price of war.  In the WWI, a third of the overall population and 60%  of the male population has perished. In the WWII only in concentration camps a minimum of half million Serbian folks was executed. In the last war, while death toll was significantly lower, postwar emigration and overall apathy had equally devastating consequences.

In our vision of the future our kids are not forced to go to war, but they have the opportunity to create in a happy and free environment.  We dream of continuous stability where every subsequent generation builds on the values, knowledge and development of its predecessors.   In the environment of continuous long-lasting peace where each generation has an opportunity to shine,  bright future for Serbia is easily achievable.