100km hike across the front line for 100 years

As listed in our mission statement the key component of our mission is a realistic interpretation of our history.  Next year (2018) marks exactly 100 years since Salonica front line battles which led to accelerated end of the WWI.  We are organizing a mountain tour across the original front line in WWI.  You will witness the exact places where historic battles took place a century ago.  Along the way you will abandoned bunkers, shrapnel and used ammunition.  You will witness mountains Kozuf, Kozjak and Nidze.

The approximate tour is about 120km in length with approximately 6800m of elevation gain.  The route is across following key points: Kozuf, Golubica, Kozjak, Dobro polje, Sokol, Kajmakclan, Stakov grob and Skocivir. This tour is demanding.  The entire track is on the border between Greece and Macedonia.

In addition to personal equipment which will be with you during day hikes, transportation of heavier pieces of equipment will be provided for you.

Equipment lists are below in the text.  Given the complicated nature of this activity we will have equipment checks prior to departure to Greece.

Day 1 – Tuesday – 10. July 2018. – Departure is on Tuesday 10th of July at 6:00 from Kombank Arena in Belgrade.  The arrival at Djevdjelija county (Kozuf – Ski Center) Macedonia is around 15:00.  At the destination point we will distribute the load across new vehicles. The hike is approximately 16km.

Day 2 – Wednesday – 11. July 2018. – At 5:00 leaving Ski Center Kozuf.  The route is as following: Zelen Breg (2165m), Dudica (2132m), Konjska Glava (1836m) and Голубац. The length of the trek is 25km, with elevation gain of 1140m and elevation loss of 1150m.

Day 3 – Thursday – 12. July 2018 – Departure from the camp at 6:00 by the following route which side of the mountain Kozjak, direction from Golubac, across Blateca (1596m), Pasnika (1596m), Kamile (1569m), Malog Kozjaka (1777m), Golem Gozjak (1814m), Kravice (1682m), until Dobro Polje (1813m). We will camp in tents. The length of the trek is 35km, with elevation gain of 1735m and elevation loss of 1625m.

Day 4 – Friday – July 13. 2018. – Departure from the camp at 6:00 in the following direction: Dobro Polje, across Bela Zemlja (1826m), Sokol (1822m), Beli Grotl, clim up the Nidze (2360m), all the way to the top of Nidze – Kajmakcalan – 2521m. We will spend the night at the top of the mountain in tents. The length of the trek is approximately 25 km with elevation gain of 1625m and elevation loss of 930m. During this day we will meet with the participants of the youth tour.  

Day 5 – Saturday – July 14. 2018. – Departing the camp around 8:00.  Decent from Kajmakcalan in the following direction: Starkov zub (2229m), Starkov grob (1876m) to village Skocivir (600m) in the valley of Crna river. Folks will spend the night in tents or in the old army installation. Social evening.  The length of the trek is 20km with 240m of elevation gain and with 2185m of elevation loss.

Day 6 – Sunday – July 15. 2018.– Departure by bus at 8:00.  The intent for that day is tour of several grave sites in towns of Skocivir, Dobroveni, Zivojno, Bac and Bitolj. After a break in Bitolj the bus will return to Belgrade.

Detailed elevation maps can be obtained from the organizers. Current limit is 50 participants for this tour. Each participant will have to meet organizers and participate in preliminary events. Mountain rescue service will provide the safety for this tour.  Every participants will receive a T-Shirts with motives from Kajmakcalan.

Required Equipment for day hikes:

  • Hiking backpack (40-50 liter size)
  • Two active shirts (wool or synthetic material)
  • Polar sweater
  • Gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Cap (sun protection)
  • Sun block (min SPF of 30)
  • Whistle, Space blanket
  • Wind/Rain jacket
  • Headlamp
  • Hiking boots
  • Hiking pants
  • Knife
  • Water bottles

Equipment which will be transported for you:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat
  • Water (responsibility of the organizer)
  • Food
  • Tent
  • Eating utensils
  • Additional foot ware and clothing

Preliminary (introductory) hikes:

  • March 10-11 Cer (Mionica – Strugarnik) with licensed mountain guide Rade Knezevic
  • April 14-15 (Gucevo – Mackov Kamen) with licensed mountain guide Rade Knezevic.
  • May 19-20 (Suvobor from Divcibare and Pranjina) with licensed mountain guide Rade Knezevic
  • June 15-17 (Stara Planina, 30+ km with 1500m of elevation gain) with licensed mountain guide Marko Nikolic
  • June 28 July 1 (Sarplanina 35+ km with са 1800 elevation gain) licensed mountain guides Rade Knezevic and Marko Nikolic

Two of the preliminary hikes in bold are required. These tours are designed to simulate one day at Kajmakacalan. Approximately on July 3td, after all of these preliminary tours we will formulate the final list of participants for the longer 100km tour on Kajmakcalan. We must notify border police of the full list of participants no later than July 4th.

Package includes: Bus, water, logistics, transportation of things to camps, three professional guides, active t-shirts. The whole action is followed by the Mountain Rescue Service.

The price of the package is 100 € per participant (in RSD counter value). In case of using their own transport, the price is 70 €, with the obligation of the participants to organize their own transport of their vehicles from Gevgelija to Bitola. First installment – advance payment of 50% should be paid by 01.04.2018. Second war no later than 5.7.2018.