100 kids for 100 years

Call to youth! Oath for the future – Kajmakcalan

Description of the activity:

Youth of one country is its essence and its future. The goal of our generation is to preserve and transfer what our forefathers have created and preserved for us. The transfer of knowledge, values and interpretation of history is essential for the future of Serbia.

French writer Lamartine captured the feeling in his writings when he was describing The Skull Tower in Niš: “Serbs should preserve this monument.  The monument will teach their kids what is the value of independence and will show them the price that their forefathers have paid.”

For those reasons we are organizing a hiking tour with a goal to take at least 100 kids to Kajmakcalan, the highest point of Salonica Front in WWI and as popularly known as “Flaming gate of freedom”.

Under the slogan “hundred kids for hundred years” our goal is to rekindle the interest of the youth so that the flame of freedom would continue to shine in the future centuries. Kids will participate in a set of camp activities which consist of geography, history and mountaineering.

Kids should be accompanied by at least one parent or an adult.  Group tours (clubs, schools) are also possible. Transportation of heavy equipment will be provided to the top of the mountain.  The list of required equipment is below.


Day 1 Wednesday – 11. July 2018. – Buses leave at 6AM from Kombank Arena parking lot.  The gathering of participants is in the north of Greece at the ski centar Voras (approximately 2000m elevation).  Expected arrival time is around 16:00.  We will erect the camp at the ski center and will spend the first night at the ski center.

Day 2 – Thursday – 12. July 2018. St. Peter’s dayLeaving the camp at 9:00 toward the top of the mountain Kajmakcalan.  Elevation gain is about 500 meters and the length of the hike is about 4km. We will spend the night in tents at the top of the mountain.

Day 3 – Friday – 13. July 2018.Leaving camp at 8:00 on a hiking tour which is following the front line from Kajmakcalan (2521m) toward the Malo Nidze.  On our way we will meet with the participiants of the other activity (100km for 100 years) and then we will hike back to Kajmakacalan.  Total length of the hike is about 17km with elevation gain of 550m and elevation loss of about 550m. We will spend the night in tents at the top of the mountain.

Day 4 – Saturday – 14. July 2018 – At 8:00, return from the top (Kajmakcalan) toward the ski center Voras.  Reclaim of the equipment which was transported by offroad vehicles.  The length of the hike is approximately 4km with elevation loss of 500m. Bus transportation will transport participants through Gornicevo (Keli, Greece) to Skocivir (Macedonia).  In Skocivir we will have a social evening.  We will spend the night in tents.

Day 5 – Sunday – 15. July 2018 At 8:00, return to Belgrade.  Rough estimate is that we will arrive at Kombank arena around 18:00.

Mountain rescue service (GSS) will be in charge of safety of the entire activity.

Current limit is 100 kids and there will be one preparatory trip prior to the trip to Kajmakcalan.  Every kid will receive a T-Shirt with the theme of the activity.  Additional group activities at the top of the mountain are planned and will be communicated well ahead of the trip.